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The Evolution From Junior School to Senior School Can Be a Tough One

The evolution from junior school to senior school can be a tough one: the sanctuary of one class teacher is replaced by associate array of subject specialists; a bigger diversity of subjects are introduced to the curriculum; testing and assessment are likely to be more explicit and frequent'; students need to navigate from the schoolroom to the schoolroom between lessons; students are likely to be very little fish in a much bigger pond and the vigilant eye of the form teacher is swapped for a collection of tutors and Year Heads.
Quality education helps in making a bright future for individuals and nations alike. A child future depends plenty upon the kind of education he or she receives in eleventh and twelfth. The school plays a vital role in this aspect. While understanding the senior secondary education of different schools we have a tendency to stumble upon two world class school set in gorgon which follow metric system of education.
GEMS International School (GIS) - a school that promotes sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence with handily set branches at Palm Via & South City in Grogan offers simply this and far more!
GEMS Education is a world education company that owns and operates high performing schools. It additionally offers to consult services to each the general public and personal sectors. For 50 years, GEMS Education has provided high category education to many thousands of youngsters round the world. The GEMS Education school model is exclusive within the world as a result it offers an in dept vary of the programmed across an assortment of teaching fees making private education handier to the broader society. GEMS Education also supports Governments€™ education transformation program by working with Ministries of Education to raise school performance and advance the standards and skill in government schools across the globe.
The core curriculum subjects of math, English and sciences is joined by a myriad of subjects including native language, physical education & sociology, humanities (history, geography, RE) plus economics, accountancy and business studies.
GEMS schools have displayed that scholastic performance is key because academic qualifications are the passport to accessing a good university, but actions have led all to believe a values-based education is of equivalent significance. GEMS values-driven education is articulated through their four core values which are woven into every curriculum offered by GEMS Schools and are at the core of their DNA. These values are not figurative; all GEM Sites live and breathe them. The values are:
World Citizenship
Universal Values
Forward Thinking
Through these values self-determining learning, empowering students to take on responsibility is encouraged. Students become skilled at to commemorate variety in strength of mind of thoughtful and acceptance and build up an optimistic regard and consciousness of other people. GEMS educational programmed will help students to become supple thinkers who are able to question offered philosophy, acclimatize and ingeniously meet the demands.

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