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The Impact of the Environment in Learning at the New Plainfield Preschool

How much does the environment factor into the learning environment for children? First, it certainly depends on the age of the child. The younger they are, the more important their environment becomes. However, as far as the new KLAN Plainfield preschool is concerned, the environment is one of the keys to a successful education experience.
The philosophy upon which the KLAN Schools is founded is the Reggie approach in which the environment is sometimes referred to as the AA€˜third teacher.รข€™ How much do children learn from the environment around them? A better question may be, AA€˜How much does the environment influence learning?AA€™

In order to answer this question, IA€™s crucial to first understand the environment that EA€™re referring to. Throughout the country, the term AA€˜environment€™ can mean a number of different things. For some, it could be the air and trees and lawns and the health factors that they influence. For others, it could be the global environment or a positive or negative learning experience.
For KLAN Schools, the environment refers to the entire atmosphere and physical surrounding for the children. It encompasses the manner in which the classrooms are set up, the way in which the teachers approach and help students learn, and the different rooms and play areas that are developed to encourage students to explore the world around them

Exploration is the Key to Growth

The moment a baby is born, his or her brain begins to develop. Neural pathways are formed and as their eyes strengthen and their senses develop, they begin to absorb the world around them. If you have ever watched an infant lying down, but awake, you will most likely have noticed their eyes traveling around the room, focusing on different objects at different times. They are immersed in new experiences.
While adults tend to take most things for granted, for children, many things are brand new and it is through their environment that they gain the most nourishment for their mind.

An environment that neither interests or stimulates them will be one that is not overly effective at helping them grow and learn. KLAN Schools has found through research studies that the environment truly does influence learning to an exponential degree. That€™s why they rely on innovative classroom layouts, avoid roll call and assigned seats, have developed a piazza, an atelier, and a natural playground, and much more so that children can explore the world around them in the most effective manner possible.

Teachers are as much students as the children in the Plainfield preschool. Teachers observe what each child does, what they focus on as an interest to him or her, and guide them individually through the process of learning. This is counter to the more traditional teaching methods used throughout the U.S. where teachers provide the same lessons to students at the same time. What benefit does a 4-year old child born in December gain from being exposed to the same lessons as a 4-year born in January? One is nearly a year younger and will learn differently than the other.

At KLAN Schools, environment truly is the third teacher and they have built a solid foundation for students to learn and grow.

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